How many hours can I work a week?

As a self-employed cleaner, the number of hours you work is entirely within your control. We will have a conversation about your schedule and the locations where you prefer to work. Ultimately, the decision is yours, and our team is here to provide support. If your cleaning availability shifts or you wish to increase your […]

When will I receive my payment?

Every client is expected to make their payment within 24 hours following each cleaning session. If, for any reason, payment is not received within this timeframe, please send a polite reminder text to prompt them. Involvement from our Head Office will only be necessary if the initial reminder text does not result in payment or […]

How do I get paid as a subcontracted cleaner?

Your clients will make direct payments to you immediately following each cleaning session. These payments can be either in cash or through a bank transfer. In the case of bank transfers, you will need to provide your bank details. Some clients may also request an invoice or receipt for the service. You can acquire an […]

Is a police check required when applying for cleaning positions?

Why is having a police check beneficial for cleaning jobs? As a cleaner, you may find yourself working in environments that include children, the elderly, and other vulnerable individuals. Additionally, you might be entrusted with access to places containing sensitive information or valuable assets. In some cases, your responsibilities as a cleaner may even include […]

What are your cleaning job requirements?

The majority of clients request a general clean throughout. A typical cleaning task includes tasks such as dusting, polishing, buffing, mopping, and vacuuming. During your initial meeting with the client, they will explain their specific cleaning needs and preferences. If you have any questions regarding the cleaning routine, don’t hesitate to ask your client. In […]

How do I apply as a cleaner?

Green Tree Home Cleaning has been in business for since 2003. We are in search of detail-oriented cleaners who can work as self-employed individuals to serve our clients. To apply, simply complete the form. Clients are willing to pay competitive rates, typically starting at £12 per hour, directly to you on the day of […]

Can I use my own cleaning products?

The client will supply the necessary products and equipment. Should you run low on supplies while at the client’s location, please inform the client so they can restock as needed. If you encounter any equipment that is not functioning correctly, kindly notify the client promptly. You might consider using a notebook to leave messages for […]

What to do if I break something at work?

First of all, don’t panic! We have a comprehensive insurance plan that includes coverage for any broken items or damage. Remember to report the damage to the client and be sure to get the name of the person you informed. Make a note of the date and time when the accident occurred. Snap a photo […]